Our 173 year old Church is in dire need of repair.

(Letter to all members)

Christ Church Preservation Fund

Dear Members and Friends,

This scared space, widely known as Christ Church Limestone, hs been part of Central
Illinois' landscape since its foundation and consecrations on 10 December, 1845.  It has
been part of the life and mission of the Anglican Church in North America in this area and
of the Anglican Diocese of Quincey.

We now find it necessary to make a general appeal to all its members, friends and
anyone who had or still has some connection to this church to assist us in preserving this
national treasure for years to come.  A certified historical restoration contractor will be
hired to do the much -needed historical renovation- mostly tuck pointing.  Further
funds will be required in order to repair our main access road and to do restoration on
other pending projects at a toal cost of $150,000. (US)

Since 15 Fbruary, 1985, this Church  has been part of the National Registry of Historical
Places.  The value this church holds surely reaches beyond its beauty and steadfastness.
countless generations of believers have worshiped in this sacred place.  Many others
have even found it fitting to find within its grounds a final resting place.

Therefore, we make such appeal counting on your generosity and that of those who
may prayerful consider assisting us in making this a reality.  May the Lord who
always provides be with you!

            Send donations to:           Christ Church Limestone (Memo: Preservation Fund)
                                                    PO Box 224, Hanna City, IL 51536

Your in Christ

Father Harold Comacho, OSB                                       Brad T Armstrong
Vicar                                                                        Bishop's Warden

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Appraisal of work needed from Personal Touch

Restoration proposal

If you look carefully at this video and the pictures, you will notice that most of the limestone stones used
in the Bell tower have no grout between them.   Much of the remaining grout has turned to sand and is
crumbling.   We have been told not to ring our bell until the Bell Tower is repaired.

Bell Tower

This is what happens when we neglect our churches.