Upcoming Events at Christ Church:

We are now open for our Sunday Services

Masks are required.

Christ Church has been chosen as the site in Illinois for the annual 48 State Graveyard
Restoring America tour by Atlas Preservation. 
Christ Church will be the only site in Illinois.
Mark your calendar for May 19,  2022

Sunday & other Service Schedules

Sunday May 22   Service 9:30am  6th Sunday of Easter

Sunday May 29   Service 9:30am  Ascension Sunday 

Sunday June  5    Service 9:30am  Pentecost Sunday

Fri.  June      17    9:00am to noon  Church's work day

Sunday June 12   Service 9:30am  Trinity Sunday  (Bishop's Committee Meeting after service)

Sunday June 19   Service 9:30am  Father's Day

Sunday June 26   Service 9:30am  2nd Sunday after Trinity 

Sunday July   3   Service 9:30am  3rd Sunday after Trinity  

Fri.  July        8    9:00am to noon  Church's work day

Sunday July 10  Service 9:30am4th Sunday after Trinity  (Bishop's Committee Meeting after service)

Sunday July 17  Service 9:30am  5th Sunday after Trinity

Sunday July 24  Service 9:30am  6th Sunday after Trinity

Sunday July 31  Service 9:30am  7th Sunday after Trinity

Sunday Aug   7  Service 9:30am

Sunday Aug 14  Service 9:30am

Sunday Aug 21  Service 9:30am

Sunday Aug 28  Service 9:30am

Mark you calendar:

Dates for 2022 have been scheduled at Pizza Ranch in Morton.
If you can't work, please come and eat. 

They are the following:
         Wed.  June 22          
5:00pm to 8:00pm

         Mon.,  Aug. 29          
5:00pm to 8:00pm

         Wed., Oct. 26
            5:00pm to 8:00pm

         Wed., Dec. 7
             5:00pm to 8:00pm

         Thurs. May 19          Graveyard Restoration demonstration (time to be announced)


Updated 6-8-2022